Technical Documentation

Part of my background is in technical writing, technical editing and technical illustration: I spent some years working for a US firm which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of an Italian high technology group, writing in-depth product manuals for Ultra-High Purity Gas Purifiers. These manuals ranged in size from smaller 10-15 page manuals for the simpler devices whose primary technicalities were to do with the gases flowed through (them (often caustic, corrosive, toxic and spontaneously flammable) through to multi hundred page manuals with complex indeces, addenda and tech reference sections for the complex, multi-million dollar tools with onboard PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and complex HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and whilst decreasing the two-year backlog I started under to less than three months by the time my rôle there ended, I drove changes including adoption of international caution and warning symbology, better typography to aide clarity, translation-sensitive initial composition, full colour figures and output; I also pioneered the shift for them from a print-product-only publishing focus to interactive PDFs with all the on-screen HMI logic replicated in the PDFs to allow proper learning of the interface dynamics. This last was a huge transition for them; sadly I am unable to share any work from that firm due to a highly restrictive NDNC.

I've brought that technical documentation skillset to bear in my later positions: working as the IT manager and main BIM (Building Information Modeling) coach for Mogavero, as well as a designer, I produced teaching materials and tips n tricks for staff, as well as technical memoranda and mini-manuals for senior staff and executive staff explaining operations for some of our IT infrastructure; working with Minarc and mnmMOD I designed an entirely new BIM-based design workflow, designed a number of new needed mnmMOD elements, and documented all of it for future staff reference and training, as well as for marketing materials and contractor outreach. I was an integral part of the design team, and created all relevant documentation and a 3D animated assembly video based on that new design workflow showing the proper assembly order for a small, pre-packaged shed for Minarc, which they now market under the name Plús Hús; and of course in my rôle with CADDmin I am actively tech writing and illustrating once again, though now it's multi-audience, multi-target publishing to HTML 5 and PDF using Flare.