About Gerard

I've deep experience in graphic design, technical writing and technical illustration; an interest in sustainable design led to returning to school and entering into the field of architectural design & architectural illustration; I've added Unity development into my mix, to develop a specific set of arch viz tools for VR/AR and realtime explorable environments for my clients.

Architectural visualisations, BIM coaching and consulting, illustrations and more; I've also expanded my original technical writing toolset (which was DTP based) to include topic-based, multi-target type authoring using MadCap Flare, and have some DITA and oXygen exposure (though limited) and of course this workflow and data structural concept is easily transferrable to other topic-based authoring tools - Paligo for example.

In terms of BIM authoring tools, although I have moderate Revit exposure (and in fact have supported its use in a previous tech writing role with CADDmin Consulting) ArchiCAD is the application with which I'm intimately familiar, and which I consider one of my core strengths; I've also deep experience with BIMx, some experience with Telka BIMsight, AutoDesk Glue 360, and other BIM integration tools.   

Amongst my broad set of 3D Generalist tools Modo is by far my favourite, being powerful, fast, artist-friendly and effective; in many way the procedural modeling system there is a direct match for the kinds of parametric modeling I can do in Grasshopper, but more fluent. I'm very comfortable with Modo's various toolsets, from direct modeling through procedural (though still learning a lot there), rigging, animating, materials / shaders, lighting and rendering. Though I know enough Blender to comfortably put it in my list, it's not my strength; similarly, though I know just enough Rhino to run Rhino for Grasshopper, I'm no Rhino guru. I've added a range of 3D CADD tools to my skillset whilst working with Lucid and just after, and now consider Plasticity to be one of my go-to tools - right behind Foundry's Modo.