2018 Technical Illustration Work

Gerard falla flasher mod car 01

This project was done in support of a tech writer, developing HTML 5 online documentation for a smart flasher module, which will detect rate of slowing and employ different flashing patterns to the centre rear brakelight.

Gerard falla flasher mod car 02

But the module configuration changes based on its orientation, as the device is using an accelerometer to measure rate of change.

Gerard falla flasher mod car 04

So... we have to clearly illustrate the acceptable orientations, and the technical writer will document their respective configurations.

Gerard falla flasher mod car 03
Gerard falla flasher mod 01
Gerard falla flasher mod 04
Gerard falla flasher mod 03
Gerard falla flasher mod 02
Gerard falla vector illus plotter

This is a 2D Vector illustration executed in Affinity Designer from photo reference. It was used to create HD icons for custom in house printer configurations by our client.

Gerard falla doc design pre viz

Pre-viz of potential technical document design for same client.

Gerard falla jx ao
Gerard falla jx photoreal
Gerard falla jx glowies
Gerard falla jx glowies to photoreal

This year has been a strange one professionally: I've been doing a lot of tech writing and some technical illustration - all as a consultant. These images show some of the uses of graphic design, 3D modeling and technical illustration which can come up in the context of a technical writer and illustrator's workflow.